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Established in 1971 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Southern Fluid Systems, Inc strives to provide the highest quality design and installation services available. As a single source supplier of products and services for all paint application needs, we will design and install a system that is specific to your requirements. Our experience includes designing, planning, estimating and installing air and liquid handling systems, industrial and automotive paint booths, mix rooms, prep stations, and paint kitchens, powder coating and other coating systems and ovens with conveyor material handling. Let our sales and customer service team assist you in determining the best solution for whatever your needs.

Our Team

Bill Michell

Lead Project Engineer and Designer

Bill has over 20 years of experience in the Automotive Technology, Electronic and Electrical Engineering fields. He has proven ability and experience in designing, planning, managing and implementing projects from electronic/automotive assembly robotics controls to corrosion control technologies on paint application equipment, paint booths, cure ovens, material handling systems and all types of coating systems. Bill is acting Principal/Owner for Southern Fluid Systems, Inc.


Sam Torrey

Industrial Sales/Project Management

Sam has 15+ years of experience in assessing, evaluating and implementing corrosion control technologies in controlled and field conditions on paint application equipment, paint booths (powder and liquid), cure ovens, conveyorized material handling systems and coating systems. Currently he is the equipment lead in the design, development and execution of the Marine Corp's Corrosion Prevention And Control (CPAC) program.


Craig Fritz

Service Manager

Craig has 20+ years in the industrial and manufacturing arena as a design, repair and installation technician. Work performance includes building control panels, installations, preventative maintenance and all aspects of industrial equipment management. Experience and training includes air and liquid handling systems, industrial and automotive paint booths, multi auto mix equipment, coating systems (powder and liquid) as well as gears and pneumatics.


Andy Phucas

Industrial Sales

Andy has spent the last 20 plus years working for the Sales ans Service industry for both Industrial and Automotive applications. the last decade he has spent much of his time in project development from concept to completion, helping manufactures streamline existing processes while reducing manufacturing cost through efficiency. He works through all aspects of the process, planning, designing, developing and testing for Southern Fluid Systems.


Michael Schaller

Lead Installer/Service Technician

Mike has over 17+ years of experience in assessing, evaluating, repairing and installing industrial and automotive paint booths, cure ovens, conveyor material handling systems, chemical and water pump systems, industrial compressors and hot water systems to include all electrical controls and coating systems (powder and liquid) His involvement with each project starts with the design and planning and goes through the installation and final start-up. He performs all aspects of managing the installation of the equipment and all the fully integrated systems associated with it.



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